Infertility: Struggling to conceive? TCM offers a natural alternative. 


If you have been trying to conceive a child for approximately a year without success then you are most probably facing infertility issues. You are not alone, according to a Statistics Canada[1] 16% or 1 in 6 couples in Canada experience infertility. Many couples turn to the latest technology in an effort to conceive. Canadian fertility treatments are not normally covered by provincial plans and can be quite costly[2] for example a cycle of in vitro fertilization (IVF) will cost approximately $10,000 to 15,000. IVF however is not an easy path to choose it is very complex, costly and most find it stressful and emotionally difficult.


According to the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) infertility is a result of a disruption or blockage between in the vital balance in the Qi energy and the circulation of blood flow. For thousands of years, TCM practitioners have successfully utilized acupuncture and Chinese herbs to help couples have healthy babies.


Infertility can affect both men and women and may be due to deficiency, excess, or stagnation of energy which can be diagnosed by a TCM practitioner. Balance may be restored through the use of acupuncture and the appropriate combination of Chinese herbs prescribed for your condition[3]. Chinese herbs help enhance fertility and prevent miscarriage by; regulating the menstrual cycle, improving sperm count and motility, overcoming hormonal imbalances and relieving stress-related dysfunction. Components of fertility formulas are derived from various parts of plants and may be taken in the form of pills, granules or decoctions (teas). A typical course of treatment for enhancing fertility involves taking Chinese herbs daily for a complete cycle of maturation of both eggs and sperm, approximately three months. Used to enhance fertility and prevent miscarriage,


Acupuncture in conjunction with Chinese herbs as a treatment for infertility has shown great results both in man and women. Acupuncture can be considered as successful treatment in restoring fertility in the patients[4], by improving the sperm quality and ovaries function and balancing the endocrine system and hormones. TCM in conjunction with Western Infertility Treatments will enhance your chances of success in the long term.






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